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You’ve reaped some significant rewards. And worked darn hard for them.

But with your growing accomplishments, things are getting more complicated, and you wonder if there isn’t a better way to manage taxation. It’s simply too big of a bill to not optimize.

You likely face one or many of these situations and you want to be sure you are complying, protecting and maximizing your personal or corporate assets.



  • Complex executive compensation
  • Income from a variety of sources
  • Canadian working/living/moving to the US
  • Canadian with US derived income/interests
  • US citizen living/working in Canada
  • Owning/buying/selling real estate in the US
  • Canadian spending four+ months per year in the US
  • Planning for succession
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Navigating divorce
  • Dispute with CRA or IRS
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Determining how to distribute assets
  • Complex estate planning



  • Business interests in Canadian and the US
  • Operating a business in Canadian and the US
  • Canadian business deriving income from the US
  • Business expansion or acquisition plans
  • Business/assets to be sold
  • Employees relocating between Canada and the US
  • Dispute with CRA/IRS
  • Tax dispute resolution
  • Succession planning


If you see your situation above, we should talk. You need to be clear on the tax implications of personal and business decisions, and know how to best optimize your tax liability.

Because you deserve tax well solved.