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Moodys Gartner US

The US taxes on both citizenship and residency – so if you’re a US citizen, even if you don’t live on American soil, you’re required to file yearly tax returns with the IRS.

We knew our clients were frustrated by the lack of credible solutions for their US tax compliance needs related to voluntary disclosures, ongoing compliance, and US citizenship renunciation. That’s why we created Moodys Gartner US – a dedicated team of US lawyers and Certified Public Accountants to meet your US tax compliance needs, including:

  • Preparation of US personal income return 1040s
  • Preparation of US “FBARs”
  • Preparation of all required information reporting forms such as 3520 / 3520A, 5471, 8891, 8840, 8938, etc.
  • “Catch up” filings for US persons not current with their filings
  • Preparation of US estate tax returns (form 706)
  • Preparation of Gift Tax returns (form 709)