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Follow the Money: Foreign Funded Activism in Canada

Complimentary event co-hosted by Moodys Gartner Tax Law and Sequeira Partners

Featuring headline speaker: Vivian Krause, writer and researcher
With Kim G C Moody FCA, TEP and Gregory J Gartner, CA, MBA, LLB, QC, and Mark McRae

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Moodys Gartner Tax Law and Sequeira Partners are holding a complimentary client event featuring Vivian Krause as the headline speaker. A researcher and writer, Vivian Krause is grabbing the attention of Canadians with her extensive analysis of the financial data in the tax returns of more than 100 American and Canadian charities and non-profits. By following the money, her research has uncovered foreign-funded activism in Canada – activism that has landlocked Canada from worldwide oil and gas markets. Through her public speaking engagements, Krause is raising questions about where the money to fund environmental activists is coming from and where it’s going, opening the eyes of Canadians who are concerned about possible illegal foreign intervention in their economy.

Following Vivian Krause’s headliner, there will be a brief roundtable with Kim G C Moody and/or Gregory J Gartner and Mark McRae, who will briefly discuss the tax consequences and impact on energy investment to Canadian businesses as a result of these potentially illegal activities. This will be followed by a short question and answer period.

All very sobering and thoughtful questions with economic and political ramifications, important not only to Albertans but to all Canadians.

Capacity is limited, please reserve your spot today. Moodys Gartner Tax Law and Sequeira Partners reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone.




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