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At some point, each Moodys Gartner client realized they had a tax situation they needed to solve better than they currently were. They needed a firm with highly developed tax knowledge to help them achieve the best possible outcomes. Generalists were not enough at their juncture. They needed advisors with extreme knowledge, innovative approaches and a proven record of positive results.


Enter Moodys Gartner Tax Law. We do only tax. It is not an add-on service, it is our singular focus. Tax in Canada. Tax in the US. Tax in both.


You will be taken care of by professionals who are exclusively committed to optimizing and protecting your assets wherever you live or work, and wherever you create them. Moodys Gartner is uniquely capable, because we were pioneers in creating services that combine the professional efforts of both tax lawyers and tax CAs/CPAs, and bring US and Canadian deftness to our whole offering – a true rarity. Additionally, we are able to provide comprehensive tax advisory services to you within a solicitor-client communication privilege setting. It allows you to be confident that your tax situation is effectively handled.