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Focus on you

The Moodys Gartner process is designed to ensure that you receive personal, tailored attention every step of the way.

  • Launch our relationship

    We meet with you, get to know you and gain an understanding of your unique tax situation. Once we have all the facts, we establish objectives that will move you towards your goals.

  • Commit to you

    We get it all down on paper. We summarize your objectives, outline exactly how we will apply our specialized knowledge, and explain our no-surprise fees. At this point, you give us your approval to proceed.

  • Clarify the details

    Tax planning is a critical component to building wealth, and we are scrupulous about doing it right. Accuracy is key, so we go deeper into the facts, learn more about your big picture, and clarify every aspect of your objectives with you.

  • Apply our passion

    With facts and objectives in hand, our team performs research, examines the findings, brainstorms together and forms conclusions. We put those conclusions in writing, providing you with recommendations, opinions, and answers.

  • Manage the solution

    In this optional step, we work with our legal team or the qualified legal counsel of your choice as they implement the solution to your tax issues.

  • Keep you current

    Depending on your needs, we perform regular reviews with you to make sure you’re on track and bring the latest in tax optimization wisdom to your situation.